Thursday, October 9, 2008


I was inspired to start this blog after hearing some truly terrible examples of music in the Lutheran Church.
I am a full time music minister in the LCMS, and I have a degree in piano from the University of North Texas (which we all know is the best music school in the world). I have been in church music for over 15 years and have been the director of music ministry for 10 +.
I am currently (after a 17 year hiatus!) pursuing a Masters in Organ Performance with Church Music as a related field at the aforementioned UNT.

I would love to discuss the future of the liturgy, the direction of church music, the relevance of "historical" music (my term) etc.

I intend this discussion to be mostly from a musical perspective, not necessarily a thoological one, although, we are as we worship!

These discussions have been mostly driven by pastors and lay people. Although I am keenly interested in their opinions, I really want those church musicians, either full time or bi-vocational to chime in! Look forward to your opinions!


Bill Wingfield said...

Thanks for your blog. I am a part-time organist for an LCMS congregation. My background is piano, but I intend to take organ lessons in 2009.

Wayne Gisler said...

What I hear in the Lutheran Church(s)on Sunday morning is not musical (harmonious, melodic or pleasing to the ear). It seems to be the result of a misguided effort to DUMB-DOWN what was once a grand and opulent time of worship.

The hymns are presented without four-part harmony. Most are not melodious....when is the last time you left church humming a tune that you heard in the service?

I would challenge the Lutheran Church to set aside one service per month at which the liturgy and song service are taken from the 1941 Red Hymnal.

Put Bach and Martin Luther back into our Sunday Service and watch what happens.